'Unpacking intelligent machines'


Have you ever wondered how many minutes, hours, or days we spend a year using machines?

Technology has defined our way of living. Objects and platforms surround our way of interacting and sometimes even where we don't imagine it. Everywhere we go there is someone on the phone or just thinking about a place. For example, a restaurant: computers, printers, internet, blenders, timers, microwaves, endless machines that we can't even think of them all. Let's say that this is just one place... Now multiply them by...

Have you ever wondered how many minutes, hours, or days we spend a year using machines? Even my grandma spends a lot on her phone scrolling down Facebook feed!

This week was about hacking old machines that were not functioning correctly. Yeeees once again planned obsolescence. I don't know when was the time things were made to last. One of the most stressing things about technology is how we replace them instead of repairing or complementing them. At least this week, we managed to use them for a bit of fun and learning. Through the idea of "hacking." We took old devices, disassembled them, and chose the pieces that could work together to do random stuff.

In our group, we had a hard time choosing the right components. We disassembled a whole computer, thinking it was just a screen at first. Parts were so complicated for our "level of understanding" that we had to gather other pieces from other devices. After a lot of "trials and errors." Of testing and exploring, adding lines to the code, and deleting stuff. We finally came up with a keyboard that when pressing specific keys, it would send signals to play sounds. The best part was connecting our device to the raspberry pi and hacking other machines. When pressing a key, we activated a blender or a printer.

This week opened the door to a whole world.


What did I learn?
I learned a few from coding, a lot of terms, a but of computer history, and the internet.

Learning process?
  • Disassemble as crazy
  • Find pieces that could work
  • Imagine, create and ASK if it is possible to create what we wanted
  • Endless trials and errors